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The customer relationship is made of trust and mutual esteem. For fifty years Janco satisfies the needs of brands that are different from each other in terms of requests and needs.

Processing & Services

We wish to offer our partners all the necessary services to respond to their needs. Our extensive set of services includes the research of raw materials, printing and embroidery techniques; the selection of on-trend treatments and the development of patterns from sketches starting from the archives or a vintage garment. Moreover, we offer cutting, tailoring, ironing, and finishing services.

Garment engineering

Our team of experienced patternmakers can develop a wide range of fits and expertly deal with the variables of shrinkage caused by the processing and treatment of the garment. This allows us to offer our customers a top-quality product.

Starting from a vintage garment, a sketch or a selection of our vast archive, we create paper patterns of all kinds. Our production ranges from trousers to skirts, from blazers to jackets, from shirts to overalls, combining different materials and/or treatments. The technology of our CAD system allows us to develop any type of size range and to deal with shrinkage even on the most stretchy and laborious fabrics.


Our state-of-the-art automated cutting system allows us to cut even the most complex shapes with millimetric precision, bringing the different pieces closer together and obtaining considerable savings in fabric. Moreover, by optimizing and speeding up the cutting process, we boost the production performance with significant energy savings.

Our skilled cutters can handle all sorts of fabrics, included checked textiles and prints to reconstruct on garments.

Each fabric roll is coded, catalogued and tested for stability. The tests are then entered into our operating systems and used during the nesting phase.


Our in-house pipeline is equipped with a wide range of sewing machines needed to execute any type of stitching and/or operation and allow our workers to tailor garments in whichever material.

The combination patternmaking/cutting/prototyping allows us to rapidly realize prototypes with a near-zero error rate, benefiting from the direct interaction between patternmakers and prototyper.

Quality Control

An entire department is dedicated to quality control, which is carried out on 100% of the garments.

Measurements, color shades, excess yarn, stains are detected and only the garment without defects move on to the next stages of packing and shipping.

Small imperfections are corrected directly in the department using washing machines, stain removers, ironing tables and UV lamps.


A dynamic research area, a space in constant evolution where ideas are shaped and conveyed into a project. Conceived and set up for the designers our showroom is a workspace to get inspired and create collections.

Embroideries, prints, inserts, treatments, fresh ideas. Janco is characterized by never-ending research because our thirst for innovation and experimentation is incessant.


50 years of Janco, 6000 archive items, our journey, our history.

A space where everything is catalogued and consultable. In our archive, you can find references on fit, tailoring, inserts and treatments.

A deep dive into the past to craft and shape the future.

Professionalism and Confidentiality

All this while ensuring professionalism and confidentiality to make sure that each garment is unique and exclusive and to uphold those who rely on us.


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