Our History

Ours is a long story made of investments and experimentations that led to the growth and defined the vision: aspire to excellence through constant research.

A history characterized by expertise and ambition. Essential elements that go hand in hand since 1972, the year in which Mr Giancarlo Neri decided to invest in his skills as a sewing equipment technician to start his own business and establish an independent clothing production factory.

After ten years of business and eager to see his project grow, Neri decided to transform his sole proprietorship into a firm, naming it Janco S.r.l., a homage to the nickname which he was called by his closest friends, but modifying it with the letter J as the initial.

J stands for Jeans. The company’s top product but not the only one. The manufacturing of made in Italy jeans with top quality fabrics and techniques goes in fact alongside the production of mid-high range fashion casualwear.

Over the year, Janco has had the honor to work with the most prestigious brands in the fashion industry,

definendo anche la propria capacità di affiancamento al cliente. Making the latter becoming one of the most appreciated skills by those who choose us.

After some manufacturing experiences abroad, aimed at approaching other markets and cutting costs to be more competitive on the Italian territory, Janco has returned to its origins, bringing the entire production back to Italy and proving the courage of being authentically Made in Italy.

Our company today

Our main mission is to transform art into an entrepreneurial project.

With us, fashion projects, from the simplest to the most ambitious, find minds and arms to take off safely.

Starting with denim we built up fifty years of expertise in the fashion industry and a network of established collaborators.

We at Janco industrialize excellence by simplifying processes.


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